Embroider or Print Your Logo, Picture or Photograph 

Use your own artwork to personalise your order.  No minimum order size:-

  • Embroider your crest, badge, emblem, logo or picture on any clothing, sportswear, gift, dog coat or horsewear. 
  • Colour print your crest, badge, emblem, photograph or logo on all of our gifts and many of our clothing, dog coat and horsewear items.
  • Vinyl print your crest, badge, emblem or logo in a single colour on any clothing, sportswear, dog coat or horsewear.


For numnahs / saddlecloths we will ensure all designs are compliant with BE, BD and BSJA rules.

Uploading artwork for printing is free. Your artwork will only be available to you.

We charge a one time fee of £10 to convert your artwork to embroidery.   You can then have the artwork embroidered onto as many items as you wish, whenever you wish, at our standard prices.   Your artwork will only be available to you.

We can also create designs from your ideas - please email us.